Native app development vs. mobile website

Are you looking for an agency to develop a native app for your website or as a standalone product?

App development for the website

The development of custom apps is a growing trend. It allows you to reach new customers and explore new channels, focusing even more on the mobile market.

An app must provide added value. We strongly discourage simple copies of your website or hybrid web apps. The best performance and user-friendliness are achieved only with native Android and iOS apps. Successful interface management between app development and web development is highly sought after.

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Native, Hybrid, or Website Development?

When it comes to successful app development, the choice of technology is crucial. While budget is an important factor, it shouldn't be the sole consideration in making this decision. Instead of opting for an inappropriate architecture, it's better to save your money. There are different types of "apps" or technologies for mobile devices:

  • Websites with mobile design
  • Web apps accessible only through a browser
  • Native apps that need to be developed separately for each system (Android, iOS)
  • Hybrid apps that are developed once and run on all systems

From Website to App

Every company or project should have a website for its visibility. When it comes to web development, a modern agency should also prioritize the mobile view, as the majority of users now search via smartphones, and even Google has shifted to Mobile-First Indexing.

The right question to ask is usually not "Website or App?" but rather "App despite the Website" or "App for the Website."

Web Apps

Web applications are cross-platform and run on all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) through an internet browser. They utilize familiar web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The boundaries between web apps and traditional websites are fluid, and mobile optimization is crucial. The advantages of web apps are evident:

  • Support for all platforms
  • Quick and cost-effective implementation
  • Easy hosting without dependency on app stores

We define web applications as more comprehensive websites with complex functions that go beyond simple informational pages. They provide a good starting point and can later be complemented with native apps in the app stores to leverage the advantages of all platforms.

By the way, we are also happy to support you in web development or website creation. We can guarantee that your web app won't hinder native apps and can even assist with the integration of relevant connections and interfaces. Contact us at:

Mobile App Conceptualization

Design and conceptualization for native apps

Web and native apps are not mutually exclusive. However, if you want to truly impress and "wow" your customers, a pure web app won't cut it anymore. A good app-website combination offers:

  • Installation and distribution of apps in the app stores
  • Implementation of interfaces
  • Cross-platform login and synchronization
  • Utilization of native features
  • Possibly an offline mode


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