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With PhysikWiki you have all topics around physics or school physics explained in a short and concise way and available on your phone at any time.

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In our physics wiki you will find lots of exercises, articles and formulas to better understand physics. The explanations for each topic are of course free of charge.

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  • mobile & compact reference book
  • Basic laws and physics terms from 7th grade onwards
  • Exercises and detailed solutions
  • suitable for high school graduation, Matura and MSA

Available for Android and iOS

You can find the app for both Android as well as for iOS in the relevant App Store.

You can easily use them on Tablet and Smartphone. In addition, all explanations are also included in our new learning platform LAKschool integrated, which in addition to the content for Math, German and Physics also offers many new features, such as quizzes and PDF export.

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